about jesse

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in nearby Maywood, IL, Jesse Campbell found his voice at the age of sixteen when he began leading songs with the church choir where his father, W.J. Campbell was Pastor.  Immediately recognized as a unique talent, Jesse was soon featured on the recordings of gospel greats The Winans and Timothy Wright.

Jesse stayed exclusively true to his gospel roots until 1994, when he signed a major recording contract with the Capitol Records imprint Underworld Records.  His debut album, “Never Let You Go”, included the hit single, “When You Cry, I Cry”, which charted strongly across the country.  Soon after, Jesse struck again with the smash duet “Where is the Love”, from the soundtrack of the movie “Dead Presidents”.  “Where is the Love” helped push sales of the soundtrack to over 500,000 units, and into certified gold status.  His popularity led to appearances on “Showtime at the Apollo”, BET’s “Video Soul”, and most importantly “Soul Train”.

When turmoil in the record industry had major labels eliminating black music divisions, Jesse returned to his roots and recommitted himself to singing the words and hymns of the Christian faith. Jesse recorded “Hymns from the Heart”; shortly thereafter, he recorded songs on the Dreamworks animation entitled “Prince of Egypt”, T.D. Jakes’ feature film “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord”, and Ron Winans’ “Family and Friends 5”.  His latest Inspirational recording “Sessions” was independently released and currently available via iTunes.

Jesse has performed as the soloist before many of the great evangelists such as Joyce Myers, Benny Hinn, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Bishop T.D Jakes, Kenneth Ulmer, Noel Jones, and Dr. Creflo Dollar to prepare the hearts and minds of congregants to receive the word of God.

Now a divorced, single father raising his eleven-year-old daughter, Jesse Campbell is ready to once again share his unique voice with the world.  The commencement of this new journey is his audition on NBC’s “The Voice”.  Surely, Celebrity judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, along with the rest of the world, will come to appreciate the stylings of this great vocalist.


  1. Sharen Riggins says:

    I think Jesse is one of the best I’ve ever heard. I have always been his biggest fan and I know that his obvious anointing will take him far as long as he continues to know who gave him that anointing (which I know he will do). I am so very proud of him

  2. lance holloman says:

    always inspirational and always on point! i’ve always appreciated your unique voice and gift! keep on pressing, my man!

  3. Nanelle says:

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t pay attention to who was coming on but then when I heard you sing, I shouted out – “That’s my Jesse!” Okay so you are not “my” Jesse but I saw you perform along with Chante Moore and Tony Terry and others at a hair show in Cleveland in the 90′s. I walked away from that show amazed at your gift. I loved your voice and your performance. I played your CD Never Let You Go over and over again. I feel blessed that I got to see you perform again and I look forward to seeing more. Good luck on The Voice!

    • perly says:

      hey guys sorry i already had a blog at hte end thread. but i write here so that you wii be aware whats goig on. im reading every news about jesse if not almost anything. tonight i read in yahoo news that nathan pharett the who battled with pip took into his twitter good that diva meaning jesse was out. i dont know how to put the link and write the exact words. that was not cool saying the kind of.words to a fellow contestant. i mean who did pay him or is somebody signing him a record deal and need some news? that is very UNCOOL!!!!!!!!

  4. Eugenia says:

    What a phenomenal gift. You took it to church on your debut on The Voice! I what I read is correct, your dad is a renown evangelist that I’ve herd for years.

    I pray God’s bet for you…and your daughter is gorgeous!!!

  5. Vondell says:

    Love you JESSE, ALFWC we still support you…God BLESS, keep creating…

  6. corey d says:

    When I heard them announce your name I knew it was a done deal, you were going to bring it like the Word from Elder Campbell. They ain’t ready. COGIC FOR LIFE! GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Trina O says:

    When I saw Jessie on the voice last night, I knew I heard that voice and seen the face before! Now reading his bio, it all comes back to me. Jessie had sung at my church (The Potter House). He was awesome than, and he is awesome now! The sky is the limit and LORD all mighty is leading the way. There is no way to go, but up now!

  8. CHUCK BYRD says:

    I’m with you brotha!

  9. Angela says:

    I first heard Jesse Campbell’s when he did his first album. I was 19 years old, and I thought this man really can sing, his voive would bring chills through my body. I pray that he does well on the Voice and the world can hear the talent GOD gave him.

  10. Deborah Walker says:

    I saw the preview of you singing after the Superbowl..I said to myself, “I know that guy!” The people in the room laughed and replied that ,”Oh Debbie you know EVERYBODY!” Well when you said your name I knew instantly. We sat next to each other on the stage in Chicago in a late service musical. It was about 7 years ago during the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Convention. I was the rather large woman in black who directed the Northwestern District Chior. (I do not expect you to remember) You sang Amazing Grace. I nearly passed out. I appreciate your blessing. I am praying that the windows of heaven open up and that you are poured out a blessing so large that you and your daughter will have to buy warehouses for storage!!! Hugs! Deborah Walker Kansas City MO!!!!

  11. Mia T says:

    When I heard his name…then his amazing voice,,,I said that’s HIM!! Fantastic job Jesse,…may God bless and keep you on your trails to success!!

  12. Eugenia says:

    What a phenomenal gift. You took it to church on your debut on The Voice! If what I read is correct, your dad is a renown evangelist that I’ve heard for years.

    I pray God’s best for you…and your daughter is gorgeous!!!

  13. You were one of my favorite singers back in the Mid 90′s and I love the gospel music you performed, but my absolute favorite Jesse Campbell song is The Comfort of Your Man, wonderful love song. I’ll be watching The Voice and pray to God that you win. Good Luck Jesse!!!!

  14. OK, I gotta know, what Simon say about you on XFactor, they must have been tone deaf not to take you, lol!!

  15. Unique Sconyers says:

    Good luck on “The Voice”. I have loved your music since the 90′s……. OMG, every time I hear your song When You Cry, I Cry…… The song sound sooooo darn good it makes me wanna cry, a good, good cry. I am definitely a supporter of your music…. good luck Jesse, represent Chi-Town to the fullest.

  16. Dian Johnson says:


  17. Mike Dolce says:

    GOD Bless man! You were amazing on The Voice. You’re making Maywood proud!!!!! Take it all.

  18. Gary Wiles says:

    I loved Jesse in the 90′s when he sang “When You Cry, I Cry”. I listen to sirius/xm heart and soul, and have heard that Chris Walker has a new album out. Now I’m just hoping Keith Martin, and Tony Terry pop back up somewhere soon. It is thanks to you Jesse, Chris, Keith, Tony, Jesse Powell, Kenny Lattimore, Keith Washington, and Freddie Jackson that I love my wife with such a passion that nothing else on earth could take the place of. It was your music that helped me through the bad times, and high-lighted the best times. Thank all of you, hope you are doing well, and GOOD LUCK JESSE! I am most definitely in your corner!

  19. Gary says:

    Saw you on the Voice and recorded the show. I am not familiar with you and your incredible talent. Your beautiful voice made my cry and every time I have replayed the recording, at least 10 times now the effect is the same. I am so moved. This has only happened to me with the really greats, Barbara, Celine, Whitney. Wow and now a male voice that effects me that way. I predict a win for you on this show. How could it be any other way. Regards, Gary

    • Roz says:

      I have kept the TV recording of Jesse singing “Halo” on the Voice, and listen to it several times during the week (gives me chills). I made my husband buy the song on iTune today for instant access. What a God-givin talent, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future..

  20. Marcus says:

    Jesse is a humbled man with a big voice destined for big things because he has the favour of God !!!

    Thank you for honoring my pastor, Frank Wilson @ New Dawn Christian Village with your presence and song. You truly prepared the hearts and minds to receive the Word of God. It was a pleasure to be of service to you durng your visit.

    You are a blessing !!!

  21. Karen G. says:

    JESSEeeeeeeee!!! YOU are GLORIOUS, GIFTED, GORGEOUS, Magnificent, Majestic, Magical, Special, Soulful and Solid! You INSPIRE, UPLIFT and BLESS us with your VOICE, your HEART and your SOUL!
    Love & Light! <3 Karen G.

  22. Bryant Brown says:

    Dude, the world will hear what I heard from the back of the church when we were kids (I am still YOUNGER;-) I have loved and looked up my big GOD BRO’ from the begining!! I know your success isn’t in sales its always in salvation! so whatever deal you earn, GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THE HEAD OF YOUR LIFE. I am so proud of you and this opportunity!! show them how we do it in da CHI!

    LOVE YA’

  23. Leah B. says:

    Saw Jesse at Faithful Central this past weekend. Brought the house down singing Amazing Grace. All I can say was WOW!

  24. Melanie says:

    I just have to say God bless you!! I have always been blessed by your voice since I was a little girl!! I’m so glad to see you gettindg to share once again your gift in a major way. Praying for you and your daughter!! Eyes haven’t seen..ears haven’t heard..and you know the rest!! Excited for you!! You got some people in northwest indiana-chicagoland area praying and cheering for you!!

  25. C. D'Lois Hinson says:

    Hello Mr. Campbell,

    I was cheering for you last night when I watched The Voice. Your voice is amazing and you are truly annointed, highly favored and I know you will be the winner in the end. It si so refreshing to see a man who acknowledges his child and holds her dear. I admire you for that because you had to have courage to move forward in your life after so much pain. I pray that God continue to bless and keep you. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and is so blessed to have a Father like you.


    • Thank you for the cheers and support. Your kind word really blessed me a great deal. I truly love my daughter and I am very lucky to have her a child. Thanks again and I’ll see you from the screen

  26. A BUM says:

    If one has not heard “Hymns from the Heart”, purchase it!
    Jesse sings “Amazing Grace” … just his voice…. his singing will cause your spine to tingle.
    I was blessed to hear Jesse sing “Amazing Grace” at Bethany in Lindenwold, NJ.
    The church was literally speechless. We thought the recorded version was “AWESOME”
    Jesse singing it live was even more intense.
    THE Voice has not heard Jesse sing yet…. There is no singer on THE Voice that can complete…. not one.
    Jesse… keep praising GOD, CHRIST JESUS, & THE HOLY SPIRIT!
    I AM praying that you win.
    In fact… you already have!

  27. Kimberly Brotherton says:

    Defending this Great Nation is a few octaves easier with Jesse’s Music in our hearts and minds, Semper Fi and Thank You Sir. God Bless. Camp Pendleton Marines LOVE Jesse!!

    • Thank you SOOOO very much Kimberly for your kind word and inspiring words. Please know that I love each and everyone of you and I’m sending you guys lots of love and light.

      Take care of yourself.

      Love, Jesse Campbell

  28. David Porter says:


    Congratulations on your success so far on “The Voice”. I’ve been blessed by your music minsitry for many years. I actually first heard you about 20 years ago on a show called “Saturday Night Sing” with host Taft Harris. You sang “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” and The Spirit moved in an amazing way. I purchased Bishop Jakes’ “Sacred Love Songs” and I told my wife – “I know that voice”. Yes, after 20 years your distinct voice has been unparalleled. I checked the credits and was glad to know it was you. Hey, I’m pushing for you to take the crown this year on “The Voice”. Keep on representing The Christ through the phenomenal gift He’s given you!

  29. Rosie says:

    Jesse, Jesse, Jesse… I have fallen in love with you and your voice and all about you. You are first of all an inspiration – you stand strong for your daughter! Secondly, that voice and your great performance… I can’t stop watching your battle round on The Voice – If I Ain’t Got you! You were simply amazing…I have forwarded the clip to everyone I know!
    - And we are all now rooting for you! God Bless!

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  32. LIz says:

    Ok guys this is not the same jesse that sang when u cry I cry. That was jesse powell, but jesse campbell you are amazing I can’t wait til u come out with an album b/c I am your number one fan. Stay blessed sweety.

    • LIz says:

      I do apologize people . I have a jesse powell cd and that song was on it. One of my favorite songs and all this time I thought jesse powell sang it. Forgive me jesse, I am still and always will be a big fan of yours.

  33. Matt says:

    As soon as I saw your performance with Anthony, I said the same thing as P-Diddy, but I don’t have a record company :(
    Good luck with the show, and if you ever do a performance in Chicago after the voice, please keep us all posted.

  34. I truly same when you plow this type of hokum part your posts. Perhaps could you sustain this?

  35. Matt Hetherington says:

    Hi Jesse

    I am a singer from Australia that is currently in the competition for the Australian version of The Voice.
    I just heard your blind audition after seeing your spectacular Battle Round. Wow! You have the most beautifully expressive voice. It was so inspiring hearing you sing. I just wanted to tell you that your soul has reached right across the world to Australia. Thank you.

    Good luck with the rest of The Voice journey. I can’t imagine how anyone can have a better voice in the competition. Either way you have a beautiful gift.

  36. Gerry says:

    Amazing singer! You got talent!

  37. zurayda says:

    One word! WOW! The first time i saw Jesse perform I said……that mans going to make it .
    Epic performance last night .

    From all your fans in South Africa ! WE LOVE YOU JESSE !

  38. [...] Jesse recalls that The Winans used to stay over at his house whenever they were in town — because of his mother’s cooking, he told Windy City Live — and he was featured on at least one of their recordings, according to his website. [...]

  39. Tameka (Miss Precious) says:

    The first time I heard you in concert I bought the tapes, dvd’s from the Conference where you were ministering, and cd’s online (CD Baby ya’ll support this ministry/gift) A voice unlike anything I’ve ever heard and just like Bishop Wagner stated once can’t be duplicated or copied!! So right, all I keep thinking is WOW! Jesse you have a beautiful gift and like I said before I’m so glad the rest of the world is hearing what an angel sounds like. You truly inspire and I and I’m sure many many others admire you for the Father you are to your daughter, it means so much to see that love. You have many supporters, fans and people that wish you well. Many blessings on all your success now and to come! “Only what you do for Christ will last” you’ve already won, you are the Voice! The Voice of a son, a Father, especially a humble Servant.

    Still and always will be praying for you, God bless and keep you and your family!!

  40. Jayoung Kim says:

    HI jesse. I am from south Korea.
    I love your voice so much. your you tube video ‘who am I’ make me so crying…it simply touched my heart.
    and love more Gd thru your voice. thnak you thank you.
    I wish I were there and hear you are singing….
    Don’t worry about winning The voice.. whatever you do you are blessed.
    I can’t wait your next round on the voice. God is with you Jesse.

    Jayoung Kim.

  41. Christine says:

    Love your voice. Best of luck

  42. Miss Selda says:

    You are dynamic Jesse!! God has gifted you with an amazing talent of singing! I love to hear you sing!!

  43. doug says:

    That was the most beautiful rendition of “What A Wonderful World” I have heard since the day I listened to the original recording by Louis Armstrong. Watching you give yourself away while singing that song brought tears to my eyes.

  44. thetruth says:

    you are incredible, incredible. Why am I just finding out about you? You’ve definitely found a new longterm fan. You not only have an amazing God-given talent, you are also a person of good character. Please remain true to yourself as your success grows. And trust me, that it will. You’re a star

  45. Ajie says:

    Jesse, you are amazing,Forget the past, stay focus on what are doing now.indonesia will vote for u..

    God Bless

  46. Ajie says:

    Sorry jesse, just stay focus…GBU

  47. TriciaJo says:

    Extraordinary! Here is a man who has God’s hands all over Him.
    This gift came when you were in your mother’s womb. What an awesome God we serve.
    Jesse…I too remember you in a performance you did at a COGIC convention and your incomparable voice captured me. When the first blind auditions of the Voice came on I was in the kitchen and when I heard your voice I nearly dropped everything in my hands (lol) because I knew that VOICE!
    As far as your beautiful commitment as a father the Word of God say’s…Don’t be weary in well doing because in due season you shall reap, if you faint not!
    Jesse…this is your due Season! All my love and prayers!

  48. TP says:

    Jesse great job on the voice man. Keep it in the kingdom you are an anointed vessel from the legacy of your father Willie James Campbell, a pastor I grew up under in here in Chicago. The King is Coming… to hear you sing!!!!

  49. kawajilyne smith says:

    All I can say about this guy is that GOD has his hands on him and he is leading him into a another direction. I have been watching Jesse Campbell perform every since day 1 of “The Voice”. When I first heard his voice, I told my friend that I had heard his voice before along time ago. There are some people’s voice that you just can’t forget. My friend never denied the fact that i knew what I was talking about but I could tell that @ the same time he kind of didn’t believe me. So, I took to the internet and did some research on Jesse and what did I find, exactly what I thought. Mr. Jesse was in fact a hit back in the 90′s and he had that same strong voice then that he has now. I always wondered what happened to him because people with a voice like that, how could you not keep him on a record label. Jesse explained his story on “The Voice” about how his wife left him and his daughter. Well I would like to say to Jesse that her leaving you and your daughter was and is a blessing from God because look at where God is taking you now. Continue to strive for that dream Jesse because you were blessed with a voice to sing in God’s choir. Your wife leaving you was not the end of the world, it was the beginning of a blessing that God had planned for you all along. He was just waiting for you to let the devil go. Many blessings to you and your daughter. May God continue to keep you and her close. You are in my prayers. Oh, everyone on “The Voice” knows you are the guy to beat, NO DOUBT.

  50. Tara says:

    When I first heard your voice I was mesmerized and got shivers up and down my spine. I am a hard rock girl, but your voice is the best I have ever heard out of any female or male artist. I will be the first to buy your album when it comes out. You will be a huge star!!

  51. April Gordon says:

    WOW!!!! I remember the very first time I heard your voice, it was in Birmingham, Alabama around 1998 or 1999. Bishop TD Jakes was preaching at a local church, and he had you to sing before he got up to preach and he set the church on fire!!!… Your voice is amazing!!!

  52. David says:

    Im a huge fan of your voice and talent. Great to see you still so passionate about your craft. Best of luck with the Voice.

  53. Nikki van Dommelen says:

    I heard your beautiful voice when my friend said to me I HAD to see this audition.( I live in Holland so it takes a while before we get to see all the episodes) You are incredible! The way you sing, you tell a story every single time it is seriously breath taking! I hope…really really hope, that I will be able to get a ticket for a concert of yours one day cause i WILL buy it!!!
    I wish you the best in your carreer you deserve it.

  54. vondale says:

    A voice I never forgotten. Instantly I knew it was you. I remember when you use to sing at State templ

    e. I was little girl then. Your voice hasn’t changed at all. May God continue to bless you eachand every day. Good luck

  55. ashauna says:

    I love you Jessie!!!

  56. Jill Neyhart says:

    Tragic night on The Voice, Jesse was a real contender. The only thing I can say is that I look forward to seeing what label picks you up and I pray it is a Christian label. I’ll buy it instantly when released. God be with you and your career. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  57. Misha says:

    You have a record deal already, right? As in, you were eliminated because you have bigger things already promised and you needed the out… Right?

  58. DAM says:

    I am so hurt Jessie that you were eliminated tonight. I never saw it coming. Yes she has created enemies because I am done watching the voice. I am sorry, but this really sucks. Jesse we love you and GOD has better plans for you. When this happens it means that greater things are going to happen for you. You are a GIANT I can’t believe her. No one could compete with you so now they have competition. Jesse I am angry in a good way. I feel your every word when you sing and I believe you. I cant believe CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need to keep watching it. Now the ratings we fall. TRUST!!! They all said it that you are the one to beat..so what happen? SAD in ATL.

  59. Lauren says:

    That was a great performance tonight on The Voice. I’m sad to see you go but look forward to buying an album of yours soon!

  60. Traci says:

    Tell us you knew … That you have signed? You’re wonderful!

  61. oby says:

    im soooo speechless can’t believe xtina eliminated u,but i know God has greater plans for u. “His plans for us are plans of good and not of evil,plans to prosper us”…….it is well

  62. Emiliy says:

    We only watched The Voice because of you Jesse. We are looking forward to any music you put out in the future and know we are BIG supporters!!!

  63. Roy says:



  64. Stephanie says:

    Christina Aguilera is an idiot. She didn’t want you outshining her and her non-existent career. You were the best vocalist in the entire competition. We love you Jesse. Keep up the great work and continuing blessing us with your comforting angelic voice! <3

  65. Chassity says:

    I wanted to take a moment and express my thoughts to you, Jesse and your family. I have never in my life commented on a blog but your voice is inspirational. Nor have I ever heard or felt a voice like yours. GOD has truly blessed you with the ability to promote change and positivity through your vocals and heart. I watched the voice up until tonight. They were wrong for ever letting you go. May you continue to flourish and promote change. Use your gift, for it is your calling.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

    Kind Regards,

  66. Abby Tomell says:

    Jessie –

    I have never been a fan of Christina. I have no doubt that she can sing but her actions and words have never made me like her much as a person. Her decision to send you home last night is no expection. My husband and I both sat up when she said your name. I am so sorry, that she let you down like that. I truely hope that you continue on in your musical gifted path and WHEN you make an album I will be sure to buy it. You hold your head high and prove her wrong!!!!

  67. Campbell says:

    I can’t believe you were eliminated last night. I was devastated. You were “the one to beat”. Was there some conflict? Go knows best. I’m sure that was robbery and a lie. Double Blessings to you and your daughter.

  68. Chelsea says:

    You are an incredible performer–there is so much emotion in you! I feel sad, and even angry, at last night’s results. So very sad. And shocked. I can’t figure it out. What was she thinking??? I couldn’t help but conclude it was an age thing, which is so not about the voice! Anyway, as an artist and musician, you are amazing. I will certainly be getting some recordings soon! And am hoping you tour, because I need me some more live Jesse Campbell!

  69. Jodi says:

    Please continue your music career if possible! You are a wonderful singer and performer, and have a huge world-wide fan base ready to buy your music.
    Thanks so much for sharing your voice with us all.

  70. Jacqueline Hayes says:

    First of all, I praise God for you and the gift that He has entrusted to you. I was blessed to experience your awesome ministry gift in the early 90s. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to hear you once again when I tuned into NBC’s “The Voice”. I would often think of you and pray that a door would be opened for you to have access to the world stage. As far as I am concerned, from the moment you opened your mouth and began singing Donny Hathaway’s – “A Song For You”, they didn’t have to go any further. Jesse you are unequivocally – “The Voice”. I do not know what could have happened behind the scenes that you were eliminated during the quarter finals when it is obvious to all of us as viewers that your abilities are unmatched! I would like to leave these words to encourage your heart and mind – where God plans to take you no man will ever be able to take the credit!! It will be God’s doing, and it will be marvelous in our eyes!! I await with much anticipation the unfolding of God’s hand in your life!

  71. Ms. Trey in Miami says:

    SIR CAMPBELL…….Your voice is a gift from GOD. Your beautiful daughter is a gift from GOD. She definately is your HALO and everywhere the two of you venture in life, you will be followed by a choir of angels! You brought me to tears with your redition of Beyonces song. Whatever record label signs you, they will be lucky, as you have millions of fans already that will buy your records…I’ll be the first in line! YOU ARE A TRUE STAR! Many MANY blessings to you, dear Jesse. XOXO.

  72. Linda Kersh says:

    Jesse, like everyone I am still in shock but WOW you did a ridulously insanely fantastic job on your last song on the Voice. You became unforgettable with your performance not only because of how good it was but because of what happened after and so maybe that was a gift, whether intentional or not. So thank you Christina. We will be staying tuned to see what transpires as your career unfolds……please continue to take full advantage of everything coming your way as a result of that national platform – and as Adam Levine confided he didn’t think he could win the thing, I really don’t think it is important to win it . But what is awesome is now so many of us know you and honestly had it not been for what happened I wouldn’t have gone to your website and signed up to follow you on twitter. I don’t follow people on twitter but Jese, I am following you. I honestly feel that you are sitting in the palm of the Divine right now and the next days and weeks are going to reveal some glorious things for you. God Bless!

  73. Bill says:

    Unbelievable you got booted off. it was no secret you were the one to beat. unjustifiable.

  74. Andrew says:

    Your voice is an amazing gift, Jesse. I cannot believe you were eliminated from The Voice, but you will obviously continue to make outstanding music. Best wishes to you and your adorable daughter.

  75. Anita Finlay says:

    Jesse, You are an amazing artist. My hubby and I would be thrilled to pay to see you perform anywhere! Here’s hoping the tour starts soon.

    Well done!

    Blessing to you and your lovely daughter,
    Anita and David

  76. Jeff hunt says:

    Jesse, i was devestated last night. When she said your name, my heart dropped! I dreamed about the elimination last night and it has consumed my day. You are a great person and i like everyone else here would pay to see your concert 100 times over before i would see a free christinas concert. This was obviously about the itune sales and the majority of viewers being teen girls. I feel that your voice is equal to the great michael jackson with the exception of jackson did not have quite as good vocal control with his runs as you do. Love you man. Ps. Back around 2001 i drove you to your hotel in orlando from the judah conference for clint brown ( i know that you wont remember) but we had a great conversation in the car and you made a great impression on me. I have made my whole family and inlaws listen to your music many times over the years since then. God bless.

  77. DE says:

    Jessee–You were awsome–keep sharing your talented voice!

  78. Sarah says:

    Hi Jesse!
    This is Sarah again. I wanted to apologize that my intuitive feeling did not succumb to reality. I did not agree with Christina’s decision to eliminate you, but I do send her love and light because as one of your biggest fans, I know that you would want a Campbell fan like me to do that. (: However, please note Jesse, that this elimination was also a message in disguise: you’re THAT good. Even the Twitter, Facebook, and other types of media uproar show that you are THAT talented! You have your fans saying “Rockashocka” every time you perform because you shock (in the most positive way) and you rock! You not only have the voice, but you have this ability to move people and that is absolutely mesmerizing. Please follow your heart, but one of my biggest wishes as a huge fan is for you to send out some CDs of your music to record companies and to make your first album (which will be a smash-hit!). I have a credit card just dying to make a purchase front-row of your international tour! I will also make sure to win a radio ticket-giveaway contest so I can get a backstage pass. Thank you so much for auditioning for The Voice, because now the whole word knows that you rock it like nobody’s business.

    • Things work out the way it did for a reason. I think you are one of the most talented singers i know..Not because you are family, but because you are you.Properly raised in the church by upstanding parents gave you the convictions to take care of your beautiful daughter. As I viewed you on the Voice I saw uncle Roosevelt in that.face and you were awesome..The world knows who you are and loves you. Give the word what they have missed.

  79. Shepherdess7 says:

    Mr. Campbell, my daughters and I believe that you have a phenomenal voice. I know and believe that Yahuah will continue to anoint you with pure talent as long as you allow HIM to use you. Stay strong for your beautiful daughter. You’ve shown her how to persevere through amazing odds, and I believe that with Yahuah, you can do so much more. Shalum w’ahab Yahuah!

  80. cherie says:

    Please make an album! My daughter and i were so shocked at your elimination. We dont understand. But now you have even more dedicated fans so it will turn out to be a blessing.we have downloaded all your songs from itunes. We love love love your rendition of Halo and how you sang it for your daughter. Thank you for sharing so much emotion with us. The Voice reintroduced you to the world so it zerved its purpose. You are going to do greaat things!

  81. rob says:

    You were great before the show, during the show and will continue to dazzle the world after the show. Hopefully the name recognition and exposure will help you with your goals.. you made a lot of lifelong fans.

    I think the show outcome is secondary to all that you’ve achieved on the national stage.. but one small point to that.. the judges seem to be more interested in winning at all costs than providing the audience with the best singers.. so shame on them.

    Good luck and keep singing!! best wishes for continued success

  82. Terry Parker says:

    Hey Jesse you were the voice and you made the show what it is today. See people must have forgotten that you have more experience than Xtina and years of development over her. Some people don’t know what real and soulful music is and will never no. I remember when you had that CD out back in the 90′s when Xtina wasn’t even thought of. You were a good singer then and better now than you were than. I have much respect for you and I know you will make it. God Bless you and your daughter. If you ever need me I’m in your corner. And another thing how can someone who doesn’t know soul music (by the way sings pop) judge you. Man you is what music missing these days. The 80′s and the 90′s is what music is missing these days. Today music is lacking that real music feel like back then. Music isn’t what it use to be and it’s very disappointing. We need some real artists like yourself to be back in the game to show these youngsters how its really done. Got mad love and respect for you and what you have done for the voice. You were the reason I watched the voice and now you the reason I’m done watching the voice. Please keep me informed on your music. Oh if you should ever come out with your CD please make sure to add the I Ain’t Got You with Anthony Evans. Man that’s a classic if it isn’t one. You two should remake that song and add it to the your CD.

    God Bless You,
    Terry Parker

  83. Joseph says:

    Jesse, you’re such an amazing talent. It was so unfair that Christina let you go. My mother and I watch the show together and were just shocked when she called your name. From what I viewed, Christina was clearly jealous of your unending talent and made a poor decision. I wish you and your wonderful daughter nothing but the best and hope that you land a huge record deal and make millions. God Bless You.

  84. Kathleen Casey says:

    I think Cristina’s narcissism got the better of her when she eliminated you. the show is supposed to be about the voice…not how willing you are to listen to the coach’s advice or whether you want to sing a broad range of styles. there is also merit in staying true to your style and following what you want to do. Not being “creative for the sake it’ or as an extension of your judge’s ego.

    I thought you were outstanding and I am just plain disappointed in the coach/ judges elimination ability at this this stage. Seems sensationalism is the order of the day and the producers want shock value.

    keep on singing and stay true to who you are..Kathleen

  85. Babychickenprincess Thailand says:

    My heart breaks when you were sent home. Just to let you know that you have quite a lot of fans over here. Love you and your daughter.

  86. Flavia Toledo says:

    I was really shocked when you were sent home. But I really believe in YOU an wish you all the best.
    Your hallo from Brazil – lol
    Bless you. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  87. m. chaifetz says:

    I am truly sad that Jesse was elliminated by Christina. He deserved more than that because his voice was the best in the competition. Other judges agreed with me on that issue. If it was his age then I am sorry for the ignorance. THis is a country with 40 million people over 55. We are vocal, we are strong, and we won’t allow our preferences to be tossed aside. We will search out his prior records and buy them. We can as a group put this man on top of the charts.
    To hell with Christina and ” THE VOICE”.

  88. Daniel Cohen says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I just saw the Monday performance and was let down that Christina picked you to go. I’ve lost all interest in watching the voice because you were by far the best singer on the team and looked forward to watching you. Just want you to know I loved the battle round and was hoping itunes had a copy of that song instead of your solo. I bought the solo anyway.

    Go luck with you and your career. Hope we fans get a chance to hear you again soon.

    Someone who will never watch The Voice again,

  89. Sarah E says:

    So sad to see you get eliminated from The Voice! My husband and I are huge fans of your voice and look forward to hearing your future ventures!!

  90. Bodge Damon says:


  91. Carmela Rodriguez says:

    Hello Jesse.

    First and foremost I am your #1 fan in Puerto Rico! alongside my husband Victor of course. We were very sad in seeing you leave The Voice since the only reason we watched it was because of your beautiful voice. If you ever tour in Puerto Rico we will be waiting to see you!

    Much Love
    -Carmela Rodriguez

    ps. Christina is the worst decision maker in the world.

  92. perly says:

    hi jesse im your avid fan im a filipina working here in toronto ontario. i havent watched the voice like i did this season. anndi only watch because of you. im a christian call me selfish but im done with the show i didnf even watched it last nivht what i did see in christinas eyes is jealousy she doesnf want to be overshadowed because everybodys talking about you. i pray that there is something bigger that will come your way than winning the competition. GOOD LUCK to you. i fell very much in love with you and your daughter soraya. i hope you can have a duet soon anywhere or on your bum. i cant get enough playing your songs in you tube. I LOVE YOU JESSE!!!!!!!:-) perly

  93. robyn aldo says:

    My previous comment was not published. You are amazing and you should have won the voice. You are an amzing singer and I am glad that You think things happen for a reason. Yes, when one door closes another one opens.
    You rock!!!

  94. William says:

    Jesse, I have been a fan of yours since 1994. I remember driving down the highway when I first heard “When you Cry, I Cry”. I actually did a u-turn and went to the record store to buy it. I actually had to go on Amazon to buy your cd “Never Let You Go” for the third time. Your are an inspiration to all. Continue to stay humble and true to yourself and your family. Your future is very bright. Good luck!!

  95. LaSheena says:

    Hello Jesse
    You are such a great singer. I am a huge fan. I was so sad and upset that Christina elimanted you. After she made that stupid mistake of sending you home I changed the channel. I tuned in to the show to only see you perform. Your Halo performance touched my heart and had me in tears. Christina was a coward and I felt she sunt you home for her own slefish reasons. She couldn’t even look at you she had her head down. Many Blessings to you and your family.

  96. sang min says:

    hi jesse!!
    i don`t speak english well…..sorrry about that
    i`m korean . i saw the voice. i always cry when i heard your beatiful voice….

    i think christina `s mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jesse !!!
    you should know that we love your voice !!!
    don`t give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    please come to korea ^^ concert plz ~~
    korea people love your voice too.
    your famouse already!!!

    chear up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Victor says:

    Hey Jesse,

    Greetings from South Africa!! :)

    Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I were completely shocked when we heard your name coming from Christina’s mouth.

    You are an amazing singer! We’re sure it’s hurting right now, but trust in God, and everything will work out just as it was supposed to. So, chin up, and keep smiling!

    We will be first in line to purchase a copy of your albumn, when released.

    Lotsa love
    From Deidre, Storm and Victor Wyman

  98. k says:

    I do not watch the voice however, just want to encourage you to keep pushin’ ~ you have an amazing voice and a way of captivating your audience. I have always loved your music. I always wondered why you stop getting in the studio producing more AND here you are! In the past I would look you up on FB and on the internet hoping you had a website ~ never to find you. : ) May God bless you abundantly ~ keep pushin’. What God has for you is for you ~ and He works in mysterious ways : ) ways we don’t always seem to understand but in this instance as you said in interview there is some good that is going to come from this. You may have been eliminated from ‘The Voice’ but NOT from God AND you still have the gift God gave you ~ “your voice”. Be blessed. Peace & Blessings to you always!

  99. Hannah says:

    I m from France
    And i ve listen to all your vidéo on thé voice
    And I loved it!!!
    Even though you were unfairly eleminated you were for me thé voice 2012!!
    Hope to hear from you Really soon!!!
    ( sorry i dont speak fluently english I Hope you understand what i wrote)

    • Hello Hannah,
      Thanks for reaching out and leaving a comment.
      Will you send me an email address? I’d love to communicate with you about something.

      Please, let me know.

      Thanks again. Love and light, Jesse Campbell

  100. Aralyn says:

    Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago. You were the, no let me correct myself. you are the absolute favourite of my daughter and I. You are amazing.So much heart and soul in your singing. It hurt us so much when we heard the results.But I am sure you have heard all of this before.We just feel so crushed to be cheated of the opportunity to hear you throughout. I Dont care what anyone says Jesse you are THE VOICE! You will not be forgotten and I will make sure to always look forward for updates concerning your Album. These are obsticles but talent such as yours must and will prevail.Keep it up! We believe in you and wish you all the best

  101. Jon says:

    I think they let him go off of the Voice to give the others a fighting chance.

  102. Jeanetta says:

    Jesse, I just have to say that your voice is simply one of the best that I have ever heard (w/o exaggeration)!

    We don’t know why Christina decided to eliminate you from the competition and I have to tell you that I was more than just a little upset for a minute. But, I know that there is so much more ahead for you!! The Voice has given you the platform to show your wears (so to speak) to a broader audience and now that you’re off the show you are free to accept the offers that the Lord sends your way.

    Just like you said in your You Tube video when you didn’t make the X Factor “always do your best and be who you are”, YOU DID YOUR BEST!!!! One other thing you mentioned in that video to which I so agree … you sing exceptionally well and “they” (X Factor & The Voice) are looking for something different. Remain who you are!! Stay encouraged and inspired! I look forward to hearing your voice in the future…

  103. Tadar gunu says:

    Hey jessi
    i was watching the the Voice just for u and your great voice…but truly disappointed…never mind …hell withe judges…she only knows how to showoff her voice..which get irritated after a while…fight…man..do it for ur daughter

  104. Ann says:

    You have such an annointing over you… Your voice must be what heaven sounds like because everytime you sing, I am moved with the Spirit of worship and on my knees in tears. There is no one like you. God bless you and your beautiful daughter. Please keep singing and sharing….

  105. jeff says:

    Love your voice. Hearts have been won, you have my vote. Praise the lord. I wish to hear more of your song someday.

  106. Michel says:

    Greetings from the Netherlands…. we love your voice!!! Waiting for your new album!

  107. Brathew says:

    Hi Jesse Campbel, my name is Brathew van Schalkwyk, Im fifteen years old and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I’ve never heard of u before until you sang ‘A Song For You’ at The Voice Blind Auditions.
    That day your voice spoke to me, that day I THOUGHT TO MYSELF ‘ THIS GUY IS AMAZING’.
    But then you sang Alicia Key’s ”If I Aint Got you” and that day I knew that you were definitely be the winner.
    And each and every performance you surprized me with your spectacular voice.
    When I heard Christina eliminated you I was like O MY GOODNESS. But then I realised that this will not end here for u.
    Im telling u Jesse, YOU HAVE GOT A GREAT FUTURE AHEAD OF U. Never stop singing and most importantly Never Stop Believing in God. You are an amazing artist and you’ve got HUGE talent. You’ll probably never know me but I’ll never forget u. AND IM DEFINITELY BUYING UR ALBUM.


    From ur NO.1 fAN

  108. You are a great singer. And, I think it’s very incredible that you dedicated that Beautiful song to your Beautiful daughter.
    I think Christina made a bad call of sending you home to early. I was really looking foward to what you have to show more!!!! But over all, you have an amazing gift!!

  109. Yep….

    I couldn’t have said it better myself……

  110. Maria says:

    Jesse: When I first heard you singing on the voice auditions, I started crying, your voice truly touched me but then you got eliminated and I was so angry because I felt Xtina was trying to change you and I felt that she could not appreciate the special talent that you are, just the way you are. But after seing your blog and understanding how grateful you are for what did happened with the show, I can’t wait for what’s to come. I will buy every record you’ll make. May God continue to bless you and thank you for sharing your voice and your humble spirit with us. Health and love for you and your daughter and your brother.

  111. Jamie Adams says:

    I continue to watch the voice but this performance and Jessie in particular continue to stick out in my mind. I sincerly hope to be able to purchase a Jessie Campbell album soon! Jessie you have a trully amazing talent!

  112. Crackerjacker says:

    Your an amazing singer dont ever give up on ur dream! If u stop singing, it will bring me down. Your my favorite singer in the entire world i love you!! Dont let christina aguleria bring you down your crazy talented and everbody knows it. You keep me motivated and i am your number one fan. My friends r always telling me to shutup cuz i talk about u to much. You have the best voice and i would die if i could sing like you please dont stop singing please dont ever stop. If you stop, then youll bring me down. I love u jesse God bless u and ur daughter! I cant wait to hear ur daughter sing im sure her voice is as beautiful as urs.

  113. I was surprised Christina eliminated you. I just lost respect to her. For me you were the best singer in the competition. However, it is not about the winning anyway. What matters is getting up from a fall. I know you will do good and wish your record will sell. I will definitely buy your record when it is out of the market.

    Rommel from PHILIPPINES!

  114. Gerald Allen says:

    Jesse you be killin it when u put that one leg up and start singing in a high pitch tone.

  115. Thomas Storm says:

    You’ve always been ‘THE VOICE’ to me Jesse. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
    Thomas (Your LA video guy).

  116. Owen Meek says:

    Last night on The Voice when you sang the Halo song, dammm bru, you brought goos bumps not only to me, but to my 6 year old kid, now we very far from where you at, we all the way in South Africa and really do appreciate you sharing your voice accross the globe the way you do, I have to say, you sing from your heart and what you feel and that is a great big deal to us, keep up the good work and remember the Great Gd above has his hand over you and your daughter.

  117. Issac Maez says:

    I just want to say I’m new to blogging and definitely liked you’re web site. Probably I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You amazingly have amazing articles. Kudos for sharing your website.

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